Leaven Dream Puppets  is founded on the collaborative work of Anca Hariton and David Woodin. Both artists strive to unfold the qualities of the puppets through movement and wordless story.

Our original puppetry is inspired by cultural affinities and experience with fine arts, architecture, education and art therapy. On the small scale of a puppet stage our entire life can be played in all its shades and refinement.

Upcoming Events

The Magic Fish  will premiere at the Fertile Ground Festival PDX February 2020. This wordless story follows a little boy who does not heed to his mom's call nor to convention and meets with his own adventures, only to return home wiser. This performance engages audiences of all ages, combining innocence and sophistication to address ideas of ethics, the environment and transformation.Audience age 3 and up. Ticket and venue information will be listed November 2019. This project is funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

Leaven Dream


Leaven Dream Puppets  

    2019 Grant Recipient   

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