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Leaven Dream Puppets reach out to the Portland community with family friendly performances.

Grants, donations, an affordable fee-per-seat ticket system as well as our diverse audience’s enthusiasm help us develop our work. We perform on stage, as well as in the heart of our community, where called: at child development centers, schools, community centers, senior centers and other venues.  Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling one of our shows.  

David Woodin-marionette wood body, paper
David Woodin -fisherman and Amalpha pupp

The Magic Fish Portland Fertile Ground Festival 2020

Fisherman Tides

Fisherman Tides© A. Hariton
00:00 / 02:29
The Magic Fish_Leaven Dream Puppets_D. P

Persephone and the Little Shepherd is inspired by the Romanian folk poem and legend of Mioritza. In parallel settings it follows the four seasons and tells the story of a little shepherd and his wooly friends.

Sheperd & sheep, Photo credit Puppetcraf
Persephone, Photo assistance Puppetcraft

Photo credit Puppetcraft

Photo credit Puppetcraft


In Dreams Brushing By  a puppet follows his dream to become a painter. This marionette piece runs 15 minutes.

Set up and take down take 10 minutes each.

Ages: 3 and up.

Leaven Dream Logo Dark Green).jpg

Leaven Dream Puppets  

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