Leaven Dream Puppets reach out to the Portland community with family friendly performances.

Grants, donations, an affordable fee-per-seat ticket system as well as our diverse audience’s enthusiasm help us develop our work. We perform on stage, as well as in the heart of our community, where called: at child development centers, schools, community centers, senior centers and other venues.  Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling one of our shows.  

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The Magic Fish will premiere at the Fertile Ground Festival PDX 2020. It follows a little boy who does not heed to his mom's call nor to convention and meets with his own adventures, only to return home wiser. This performance engages audiences of all ages, combining innocence and sophistication to address ideas of ethics, the environment and transformation. This project was funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

In Dreams Brushing By a puppet follows his dream to become a painter. This marionette piece runs 15 minutes.  

Set up and take down 10 minutes each.

Ages: 3 and up.

Performances in 2019:

February- Dreams Brushing By, Mississippi Pizza, Portland

June- Open Rehearsal The Magic Fish, Woodstock CC Summer Camp, Portland

September- Open Rehearsal The Magic Fish, Meals on Wheels Belmont, Portland

October- Open Rehearsal The Magic Fish, SW Community Center, Portland-

November- Open Rehearsal The Magic Fish, Charles Jones Community Center, Portland

Scheduled Performances 2020:

February- The Magic Fish premiere, Fertile Ground Festival, Portland

February- The Magic Fish, Woodstock Community Center, Portland

February- The Magic Fish, Mt. Scott Community Center, Portland

March- The Magic Fish, SW C

Upcoming Shows

Persephone and the Little Shepherd is inspired by the Romanian folk poem and legend of Mioritza. In parallel settings it follows the four seasons and tells the story of a little shepherd and his wooly friends.

Photo credit Puppetcraft

Photo credit Puppetcraft

Hay Soup 

(in development) tells the story of a young girl who lives in the forest with her best friend, a fox. Together they outwit the dragon who has been terrorizing nearby villages with his ferocious appetite.  

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